the cultural-shock in 2024

Golden Chariot

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck

To the World Leadership

Emperor Diethard and King Juergen


To the World Population


To the responsible authorities


Germany, Luebeck, 22 April 2024/ 23 April 2024

The German-language document you may find here!

Up on the Golden Chariot!

Dear Sirs, Dear Readers,

My person was supposed to let it bang once again, but today the earth has taken over again with various strong earthquakes!

All of us together, who are on earth as humanity, who are allowed to move and live here on earth, are urgently called upon to face reality, in that the mind of every thinking person must begin to "switch themselves on" in relation to reality.

For it happens as it happens and it is as it is, which means that there will certainly be a very difficult time for many or at least for all responsible people of all nations, which is approaching the earth with giant steps and serious consequences. Thus, all of humanity is called upon to bow to the higher law that has clearly announced itself in that unconditional obedience must be rendered, which has long been demanded in writing by my person.

There is already some capacity in this area of the Revelation of John or the renewal of the earth to ensure and enable the survival of humanity and the continuity of mankind, whereby the time available is a decisive component in this difficult matter and in this enormous order. It will probably not be very long now, and the groundwater will no longer be safe to drink either, as too many dangerous chemical substances or medicines will seep into the ground through the huge rubbish dumps and cemeteries and will endanger the groundwater.

This would mean that the diseases and epidemics will continuously spread and chaos will break out due to other increasing disasters that will occur at the same time as the diseases!

Chaos or mass panic is a very unfavourable factor to enable the ability to act and therefore all nations of the world should familiarise themselves in time with the true situation of the world's available time.

It is important to mention that the end of time is always linked to a natural law, as the earth is, strictly speaking, a product of nature or evolution. Every product always has at least one producer or Creator, who could, however, change for the better or for the worse, in that an end always leads to a new beginning, however the new beginning might take shape or develop.

For this reason, it would be time to deal with the clear facts of the laws of nature, in that there is at least one culture or religion in the world that integrates miraculous healings by the only begotten Son of the Creator of heaven and earth into this culture as a given "instrument" or law of nature.

This is Christianity, which, according to biblical tradition, by among other ones according to the Old Testament, was able to testify to various miracles that took place during the lifetime of Jesus, the Son of God, by giving the authority to perform miracles to the Twelve Apostles of Christianity.

The whole enterprise is of course difficult today after almost 2000 years of miracles, as it is quite obvious that a reversal of good and evil or of friend and foe will have taken place in the Monumental- realm, in that man has moved further and further away from God through his laws and deeds and other cultures with their gods, idols or laws have also entered this realm.

Due to one of the severe psychoses of my person, the Empress, which also took place in a psychiatric ward about 35 years ago and ended there, my person was able to recognise or comprehend over a longer period of time what must have happened to the apostles in order to be able to report this later. It was not only my person who suffered from psychosis, but there were also other people present who had other symptoms or suffered from other psychoses at the same time and who presumably also recorded these facts.

Of course, not every patient will give complete or even truthful information to the psychiatrists in a clinic, which is not easy, but if the patient is able to do so at all, it is also the right of every patient who has been deprived of all rights in such a particular place. From the outset, I in particular was very suspicious of highly qualified psychiatrists, most of whom were Protestant in my day, who knew nothing but their routine enquiries about the patient's symptoms, which I hope has changed considerably in the meantime.

Because in this above-mentioned over-Monumental-realm, or in these step-like intermediate worlds, there is a lot going on that can go back more than 2000 years and could even have been "lying in wait" between heaven and earth for several million years, in that many people directly affected mentally or many cohorts, especially as far as today's "gendering" is concerned, have to suffer as a result. So even today, my person is still " on the move on these floors" if necessary.

However, one of the important questions has also remained unanswered for my person, and that is that my person still does not know exactly what position a psychiatrist and a judge occupy in the Monumental-area. Unfortunately, my person is not a "quick thinker" and also not far above average intelligent, but it will probably be enough for the position of an Empress, because these and other tasks are probably still solvable or understandable for some predetermined people.

And this solution of such tasks will certainly happen without having to use artificial intelligence, because even this intelligence has been set very specific limits, because you or others are not aware of these limitations!

Particularly in my immediate environment, there are people who are seriously ill but who have learnt to deal with their illness through their more or less strong personalities! Of course, it is possible to continue the current psycho-game in my home town, but then the time, strength and will of my person will certainly no longer be sufficient to cope with the common task that lies ahead of humanity!

And so I ask myself why I should keep shaking hands with the devil when there are other ways to keep and lead the matter and the commission? Why and for how long? Why does my person have to repeat everything twice and three times, even in writing, yet you and your kind continue to play your stupid psycho-game with my person or allow it to continue?

So my person has been wondering for a long time who is actually a "thinker"

and who is not!

For this reason, too, my person must take matters into her own hands and, as already announced, visit the psychiatric wards and prisons or the castles of the world by ensuring that the Twelve Apostles, who are in the Monumental-realm, can be decoupled, but the bearers of this "living" matter actually belong in a castle and not in a psychiatric ward!

The reasons for this are obvious, because it is not for fun that one or the other of those affected thinks they are Napoleon or Catherine the Great!

I would ask you all to follow my written instructions and have those who have already been named and others who will follow admitted to the psychiatric ward in Neustadt Schleswig-Holstein. My person will even have to listen to lies on the spot and think about them, because unfortunately my person is not a quick thinker and does not have above-average intelligence! And so my person must be able to rely on the fact that there will be other predetermined people or IQ thinkers in the world who can come up with solutions and resolutions to the matter!

That's what my person was counting on and certainly not on decades of primitive psycho-games with the world's contemporary witnesses in the matter!

Remember: The devil will not be able to provide some miracle cures in the long term by swapping roles or people, because the devil belongs on my person's leash and must obey! This and much more is my urgent advice to you and others, especially to you as the diseased and devilish creatures of the end times!!!


PS: Yesterday, my person was still wondering whether she owed you or even the Creator of heaven and earth anything at all, but the latter has become very dubious!

Remember: First of all, the human being secures himself by, among an other one, looking after the welfare of the Authorities, which consist of three people, and this of course includes the loved ones of the Emperor, the King and the Empress!