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Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Ursula Kaiserin, Ruebenkoppel 1, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the FRG

Unter den Linden 71

10117 Berlin

(Luebeck, Thursday, 27 November 2003)

Christmas 2012 Luebeck, Thursday, 6 Dec. 2012 

Free English translation on 13 September 2021.

Christmas Business

The German-language document you may find here!


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen from Politics, Church and Business!

Once again today, Thursday, (in German-language Thunderday) is the day your Empress will be thundering around. You, as a potential competent, will please explain to my person without delay how it is possible that a country like the FRG receives this loan in the amount of 43 billion Euros, which is converted to about 86 billion DM.

These are figures and sums that are no longer comprehensible or realisable for a human being, but the shops and gourmet shops continue to be stuffed to the ceiling! How is it possible that a country can run up such high debts and the population can continue to live as they do in a country that clearly has one of the highest levels of prosperity in the world?

You are no longer sane!

You will explain to my person why in other countries people have to die for lack of food and for lack of medicinal aids, although apparently it is possible to incur such high debts in order to maintain the high standard or to get into such a standard. Why, then, is Angola or Afghanistan, for example, denied but the FRG allowed to obtain these loans, and who actually makes the rules here?

According to the Fischer World Almanac 2002, in 1999 Angola owed $10,871 million and Afghanistan $5,551 million in foreign debt; although these are dollars, they are millions and not billions, which can certainly be seen from the high rate of infant mortality. China and India were far below your idea of debt in 1999, despite their large populations.

Where does the FRG get the money, where does the money come from?

You have no true competence whatsoever, as you cannot even recognise that the entire world economic cycle is connected to other cycles of life. Your Empress does not wish to find such people like yourselves in such places anymore, not now and certainly not in the future.

Since my person still attaches the utmost importance to the truth, it must be made clear herewith that it is not, as my person mistakenly thought, the United States of America that is the most diseased nation in the world, but the FRG is clearly in the lead in this respect. Precisely for this reason, the FRG should provide the Emperor, the King and the Empress. It had to be the most diseased city, the most diseased state and the most diseased country, so that all of them could be served by the Empress!

You will please realise immediately that you will only get out of this economic cycle with honest labour power, that is, through the own physical strength as well as through the own mental strength of every human being, measured by a real hourly wage.

You have run the people down, and in many ways.

These run-down people, who are more numerous than any of us believe, are not even aware of how broken they have been made. If you run people down, then you should make the individual aware of it, so that the individual is given the opportunity to pick himself  up again.

Now there are already 4 million unemployed people, of whom over 2 million are men with families, who have every right to a decent job and meaningful work that fills a man as a man. Through your election promises, you have taken away the right to change fundamental basic laws that would not have belonged in your portfolio, such as impunity-free adultery and abortion, and much more.

However, you did not ban the church and religion, but let it run alongside, which has now become very dangerous for the clergy concerned. Conversely, the church has not shown enough backbone to save the people from such cycles that are now in place. Through the lack of jobs, you have made half an animal out of many a person and not only through the lack of jobs!

People are sick in many ways, which has become visibly clear here in Luebeck. According to my findings, the German is better at hiding himself and thus very good at acting than many other cultures are capable of. (It is no more true in 2021.)

The German would therefore no longer be able to recognise and keep to his limits if he did not have the final order to which he can adhere. It is, to put it bluntly, only the road traffic regulations and it is the daily sports news with the subsequent weather report!* You will please see sense immediately and no longer allow my person, the person of the Emperor and the person of the King to be strained, otherwise you will learn to spell the word "subject" forwards and backwards! For you and your kind, everything is just an exciting game, nobody knows how it will end.

It is only through an insatiably sick people that you have come to this position of power, which has elected you and stands behind you, which, however, is not exactly the best accolade for you and your ilk. I am quite sure that you and your ilk do not even know what you are doing, because 1 billion euros is still about DM 2,000 million and the whole multiplied by 43 is a sum that you and also my person can no longer handle; you should finally take serious note of that!

According to the Fischer World Almanac, you have a national debt of 2230.9 billion DM in 1997; that is 22,309,000 million DM and written out it is 223,090,000,000 DM, which can no longer be familiar to anyone as a sum. You wanted to bring the new federal states up to a high level by means of public debt, although there were already many unemployed at that time and the money for your high demands was not available.

You have had to pay for the unemployed and have also created a high number of unemployed people through the new federal states, thus making people there ill through the culture of the old federal states.

This and much more is to be reproached to you, but the biggest reproach must now be taken by a clergyman from the Empress, because this circle of persons had and has the knowledge and the foresight for such a development and exactly for this reason this circle of persons is normally also entitled to show you as a so-called responsible person the way under the position of power of your Authorities, to which you and others have to adhere!

Be sensible and do not do anything stupid, in that perhaps some of you, especially those in the civil service from the judiciary, will want to get out and someone will take their own life. There is certainly no exit left at present, as some Luebeckers should be able to testify, through which human can avoid serving.

The nearest way would certainly be somewhat more difficult for the individual than the way which you will all still get to know through your Authorities and should get to know as soon as possible!

P. p.


You will no longer artificially control the standard of living and thus not maintain it.

You will finally shut up and let adults into the appropriate seats. For years you have raised the standard of medicine, tourism, construction and entertainment with very high debts, too, instead of paying off the debts, you silly bandit people, you!

You did this professionally for years and always at the expense of others.